How to Create an Online Store

If you decided to make money online by selling products, you definitely need to know How to create an online store.

There are plenty of platforms and options to create an Online store. Therefore, before choosing any of the platforms, you need to decide how big will be your store.

create an online store


WordPress is the most popular website builder. With WordPress, you can create any type of website: blog, company page, personal profile, and of course, online store.

WordPress has a lot of free and paid plugins, which will help you to create an online store very easy. It has all functions, which might be necessary to your store.

One of the best eCommerce plugins in WordPress is WooCommerce, which will help you to create an online store from the sketch.

create an online store with wordpress woocommerce

Plus: Multi-functional. You can create a proper online store like Amazon.

Minus: You need to pay for domain and hosting.


WiX is another great website building platform. WiX offers a lot of different tools to create a beautiful online store with a variety of functions. There are free and paid theme templates and plugins. Besides, there are a lot of free materials to create and to manage the store.

create an online store with WIX

But, if you are really bad in web building and can’t create an online store by yourself, you can delegate it to the WiX team, but in that case you will need to pay for it. Also, you can hire a person who will do it for you, in a job marketplace like Fiverr.

Plus: Easy to use

Minus: You need to pay for the unique domain and extra functions


Shopify is an eCommerce platform. Shopify includes payment, shipping, marketing, customer engagement tools, everything what you need to run a proper store online. In Shopify, you can create an online store for yourself or other merchandisers and make money.

Shopify ecommerce

In addition, Shopify offers plugins to create a dropshipping store.

Plus: Easy to use

Minus: You need to pay for the unique domain and extra functions

Social Networks

Many people connect via social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc. If before people used social networks to share their news, photos, stories, but today many companies use social networks to promote and to sell their products.

sell in instagram

The number of retail stores is increasing day by day. Facebook has implemented Marketplace to help sellers and buyers to make a deal more comfortable.

Instagram develops different marketing and commerce tools too.

With the development of Social networks, new eCommerce options were introduced to the world. If you check the Instagram, you can see many accounts, which sell different products. Also, there is a tab with the company’s products in some Instagram accounts.

Plus: Free of charge

Minus: It is difficult to proceed the payments, to track orders etc


Today messengers are not just tools to chat to friends or relatives. Today messengers are mighty influencing platforms. There are a lot of groups and channels where people promote themselves, their business or just share some information.

create ecommerce in whatsapp

Therefore, you can use messengers to promote your brand and to sell your products.

Plus: Free of charge

Minus: It is difficult to proceed the payments, to track orders etc


All these platforms can be used for any type and size of the store.

WordPress, WiX, Spotify offers much more tools and opportunities for merchandisers. Therefore, these platforms are suited well to those who want to create an online store with all functions, including international shipment.

But if you plan to sell products locally inside the country or city you live, you can use Social networks or Messengers.

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