Envato Market: A Unique Microstock Network

Envato Market is one of the largest microstock networks. It unites sites for selling various kinds of content. It is very popular among authors and buyers, especially in the field of selling audio files. It sells consistently and at decent prices. It is a huge portal with several microstocks, a forum and much more. In other words, the Envato Market is a unique microstock network.

Envato Market: A Unique Microstock Network

Envato Market: A Unique Microstock Network

Today, Envato Market network unites 7 sites for content sales:

  • Themeforest – selling website templates.
  • Сodecanyon – selling applications, scripts.
  • Videohive – selling videos.
  • Audiojungle – audio sale.
  • Graphicriver – sale of illustrations, layouts, templates.
  • Photodune – selling photos.
  • 3docean – sale of 3D models.
Envato Market: A Unique Microstock Network

How to register on Envato Market?

Registration on this unique microstock network is very simple:

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1) Go to the Envato Market site, click the Create an Envato Account button.

2) In the opened window fill in the data: first and last names; nickname; e-mail; password. Enter the numbers from the picture and click the Create Account button.

3) Next, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Follow the link from the letter.

4) The next step is to choose the country of residence, subscribe to the newsletter if you wish, agree to the terms of use, and confirm the data.

That’s it! Now after registering on Envato Market, you can use all the available sites which are offered by that unique microstock network.

Envato Market: A Unique Microstock Network

How to start working on Envato Market?

To get started, and therefore – in order to make money on Envato Market, you need to choose a microstock system depending on what exactly you want to sell: audio, video, illustrations, photos or other content.

After that, you need to add the author’s menu to the existing one. To do this, click the Make Money button in the top menu, and then Become an Author. Next, you will be asked to agree with the regulations, rules and features of working with the Envato Market, after reading the information, move on. Then, the microstock offers to pass theoretical tests, the answers to which can be easily found on the network.

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The next important step is to choose whether to become an exclusive contributor to Envato Market or opt for a non-exclusive partnership with microstock. I would recommend choosing the second option, since non-exclusive cooperation gives you the right to place your work on an infinite number of microstocks, which ultimately brings in more income. But on other side, exclusive partnership means a higher commission rate. So, it is up to you.

Then you will be prompted to download the first works, as well as add additional data to your profile. And from this moment your microstocker career begins on that unique microstock network.

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How much can you earn on Envato Market?

How much you can earn from selling content directly depends on your activity and the type of files that you sell. I want to note that the demand for audio recordings, video footage, scripts and templates is much higher here than, for example, for photography and vector illustrations. However, it never hurts to use Envato Market as a side income if you partner with a large number of microstocks.

When it comes to creators of audio tracks and effects, Envato Market is a great way to make a lot of money. But it doesn’t mean that you will start to earn money on Envato Market right after you register there. So Audiojungle is one of the most popular audio stocks among authors.

Envato Market: A Unique Microstock Network audiojungle

Envato Market Contributors receive up to 70% of every sale. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the specific prices and levels of royalties to authors which are offered on the site, since they vary significantly depending on the type of content sold.

How to withdraw money from Envato Market?

You can withdraw the earned money by check or through PayPal, Payoneer or SWIFT. The minimum payout amount is $50.00 for PayPal and Payoneer and $500.00 for SWIFT.

Envato Market: A Unique Microstock Network


Envato Market is a unique microstock network, and it is a great place for authors to sell different content. At the same time, video footage and sound effects are in special demand, so the authors of such works are strongly encouraged to try that platform, which will definitely help you make money on your hobby.

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